Paid Staff

Interested in getting paid to have one of the best summers of your life?


All Staff & Volunteers need to complete a staff application & Release of Liability Form:

All Staff & Volunteers are required to complete:

  • Youth Protection Training (YPT)

  • Hazardous Weather Training

  • Seasonal Staff Harassment Prevention Training

  • Area Specific Training

    • Climbing

    • High Adventure/Outback

    • Aquatics

    • Trail to Eagle / Scout Skills / NATECO

*** Instructions for each training are below ***

Youth Protection Training (YPT):

  1. Log-In to

  2. Click Here: Youth Protection Training (YPT)

Hazardous Weather:

  1. Log-In to

  2. Click here: Hazardous Weather Training


Harassment Prevention:


  2. Click on “New User? Click here to register”. Start registering.

    1. Only fill in the boxes that are required.

    2. For “Employee Type”, select “Employee”.

    3. For “Location”, select “Buffalo Trail Council (567)”

  3. Click on the three-bars (next to the “home” button)

  4. Click on “Workplace Harassment Prevention for Employees, Version 3.0”.

  5. Take Course BEFORE the due date.

To get to your Area Specific Training:

  1. Log-In to

  2. Locate the required training(s) based on your area:

    1. Climbing: Climb on Safely

    2. Aquatics: Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense



We highly encourage anyone able to come out for a week or portion of the summer to come out and lend their experience and enjoy their time at camp!

Due to Scouting regulations, we will need you to register as a Merit Badge Counselor on as an adult Scouter of Crew 1832.

We also need to have the same documentation as listed in the Paid Staff column.

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