Summer Camp Information.

Summer camps at BTSR  are an experience never to be forgotten, come to our camp and experience the real adventure.

Camp Files

All the documents that you need to participate in summer camp are available below:


Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch Liability

Camp Scholarship Form

Adult Application for Participation

2020 BTSR Cavalcade Application

2020 Camp Use Form And Rates

Special Food Request 2020

T-shirt order form

Leaders Guide 2020 










Staff Application

Returning Staff Application 


The Merit Badge program of the BSA is one of the finest educational tools available. Many great careers and exciting hobbies have had their start as a part of the merit badge program. BTSR will make every effort to create a fun and

informative learning environment. Many merit badges require more than one short week to complete; however, great progress can be made at camp if the Scout is fully prepared.We offer over 50 merit badges during the summer making BTSR your best option in advancement.

At BTSR we are proud to have one of the best and finest first year camper programs in the nation. With "Trail To Eagle" we ensure that new scouts are given the best possible scouting experinces, as well as the best opportunity for rank advancements to first class. Scouts in this program will also have the opportunity to earn their swimming and first aid merit badges.

* Please click the link below for

our full merit badge list and programs.


Base Youth $305.00

Base Adult $205.00


Outback - Intro          $350.00

Outback - Long          $430.00

Mountain Man           $350.00

Cavalry                        $350.00

Cavalcade                   $495.00

Open Water Dive       $495.00

BTSR Summer Camp 2020

The Buffalo Trail Council operates summer camp from June to July.  Each weekly session begins Sunday at 1:00 pm and ends Saturday at 10:00 am. 


Dates of operation for 2020 are:

  • Staff Week: May 31-June 6

  • Week 1:  June 7-13

  • Week 2: June 14-20

  • Week 3: June 21-27

  • Week 4: June 28-July 4

  • ***Week 5: July 5-11 if needed

For questions regarding camp and registration contact Gracie Quintela 432-570-7601


​There will be plenty of opportunities for adults to participate in training classes and programs. Below is a list of the courses we will offer at BTSR.

PLEASE pre-register for these classes just as the youth will be pre-registering for Merit Badges. This will ensure we will have instructors prepared at camp, especially for Adult Leader Basics.  Adult schedules will be provide on the first day at camp during the Scoutmaster Meeting.

  • – Safe Swim Defense / Safety Afloat

  • – CPR Certification

  • – “This Is Scouting” & “Leader Specifics”

  • – Introduction To Outdoor Leader Skills

  • – BSA Lifeguard

  • – Mile Swim and Polar Bear Swim*

  • – Snorkeling, BSA

  • Wilderness First Aid Certification 

  • – Climb on Safely

  • – Trek Safely

  • – Leave No Trace

  • – SCUBA, BSA

  • – Scout Leader Trail Ride

Weather Conditions 

The weather in West Texas is very unpredictable. Most summer temperatures range between 75 and 95, however, temperature extremes may be as low as 65 and as high as 115. The humidity in the Davis Mountains is usually in the 20% range during the summer. Humidity can swing from lows of 5% to highs of 100%. The extremely low humidity makes high temperatures seem cooler. This often results in dehydration. It is important that anyone going or interested take a look at the following documents; heat index and health and safety for more information about the heat index. All crews must be careful to ensure that the entire crew is staying properly hydrated.

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